How to Trade Successfully in Increasingly Erratic and Policy Driven Forex Markets…

John Taylor ForexMany traders, including a number of highly regarded professionals, are struggling in the current market environment. Just recently Wall Street Journal ran an editorial entitled ‘Currency Funds Face Diminishing Returns’ in which John Taylor, who has run one of the biggest currency hedge funds for more than three decades, cites the past few years as being among the most difficult in the 31-year history of his company.

Mr. Taylor states “the increasingly erratic nature of market swings has made it difficult to spot new trends”, adding that “Currencies have been driven less by economic fundamentals than by policy decisions taken by lawmakers and central bankers.”

Mr. Taylor’s comments echo those made recently by Louis Bacon of Moore Capital in which Bacon blamed constrained and distorted market conditions as a result of increased political involvement for his poor trading performance.

Currency Funds typically employ momentum driven trading strategies which perform well when markets are trending. When markets chop and exhibit ‘trend-less’ behavior for extended periods these same momentum traders can be exposed to significant losses.

As a professional money manager poor performance is not an option. Investors will not tolerate poor returns, indeed assets under management in Mr. Taylor’s firm have plunged 76% in the past four years to $2.9 billion.

For those who wish to succeed in the Forex markets this begs an important question:

“How do we survive and profit in the current policy driven environment: which strategies worked before, during and following the onset of the Financial Crisis, and which strategies are most likely to continue performing in the future?”

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