Forex Platform

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A forex platform is an online trading platform which allows traders to place orders and manage open forex positions. Every forex broker offers their own unique platform, however each forex platform will have a number of similar features which typically include:

  1. Real time forex quotes displaying the current best bid / offer price at which you can deal.
  2. Real time account information including current balance, profit and loss, open trades, margin requirements and interest accrued.
  3. Real time charting and technical indicators. Some brokers also allow you to trade directly from a forex chart in just one click.
  4. Forex demo platforms: many brokers offer free demo forex platforms allowing new traders to test out ideas before committing real funds.
  5. Advanced order management such as bracket orders, conditional orders and time dependant orders.

Every forex platform differs in the number of features available and it is important to research these options thoroughly before choosing a forex broker and depositing funds.