The Best Forex Strategy for Forex Trading Success


Best Forex Strategy for Forex Trading Success

In yesterday’s Forex Blog Update we discussed the negative impact increased government and central bank market involvement is having on a number of Commodity and Forex Traders.

We promised to share with you a Forex Strategy that has worked incredibly well through the Global Financial Crisis: both before and during the current policy driven whipsaw markets… a strategy we believe represents the very best approach to trading the Forex markets: both now and well into the future…

Best Forex Strategy: Intermarket Forex Trading

EUR.USD Intermarket Best Forex Strategy (Signals System 4) Net Profit: 1 Lot Per Trade

EUR.USD Intermarket Forex Signals (System 4) Net Profit: 1 Lot Per Trade

Firstly let us define what ‘Intermarket Trading’ is:

Intermarket Best Forex Strategy: “the analysis of more than one related asset class or financial market to determine the strength or weakness of the market being considered”

Too many Forex Traders focus on just one market in their search for the winning system. The problem with this approach is that markets almost never move in Isolation… For example, a move in Oil typically has an impact on the Canadian Dollar…  a boom or bust in China will impact the Australian Dollar, and so on… across many vital co-dependent relationships and time frames in the financial and commodity markets.

There are solid fundamental reasons these correlations exist.  Occasionally however market relationships get out of line and professional traders are presented with incredible windows of profit opportunity… Opportunities that are overlooked and missed by 95%+ of other Traders.

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