Proven Methods for Profiting from MANIPULATED currency markets


Currency Intervention Wreaking Havoc on Forex Traders

Many traditional momentum based trading strategies have fallen apart in recent years following the global financial crisis and increased government involvement in the markets. Trend following momentum strategies depend on continuation… Momentum traders:

  • buy into strength in the hope that prices continue to move up
  • sell short into weakness in the hope that prices continue to move down

When central banks are actively engaged in price controls through QE and price pegs, prices become distorted: Some markets show huge directional momentum, like the Japanese Yen, while others – such as the British Pound – have failed to follow through, creating devastating losses for trend following momentum traders.

Just recently SNB reiterated their stance on currency caps, Bloomberg reports:

Danthine Says SNB Ceiling on Franc Is an ‘Absolute Necessity’ The Swiss National Bank (SNB)’s currency cap remains necessary, and the central bank won’t exclude taking further steps should the crisis in the euro area intensify, SNB Vice President Jean-Pierre Danthine said. “We find ourselves in a situation in which the franc is still highly valued, and we can’t allow a tightening of monetary conditions,” Danthine said in an interview with the Lucerne- based Zentralschweiz am Sonntag published today. “It is rather a question whether to be a bit more expansive.” The Zurich-based SNB, led by President Thomas Jordan, has repeatedly said it would take additional steps if needed. The International Monetary Fund gave a green light on supplementary measures, saying in March the Swiss central bank should charge lenders on excess reserves if the franc were to rise again. The SNB is continually analyzing events and could take action if required, Danthine said. “We have always said that we exclude nothing,” he said. ….More at SNB Danthine Says Franc Cap Still Essential: Zentralschweiz – Bloomberg

So how do Forex traders profit when central banks are actively manipulating prices?

The best approach is to trade a robust basket of momentum based trend following and volatility breakout strategies combined with counter trend intermarket strategies: The exact methodology we use in our proven Forex Signals Program.

Today we will take a look at how our intermarket signals are performing on the Swiss Franc through the current SNB currency control environment….

Below is the equity curve showing net profit 1 lot per trade on Intermarket Signals USD/CHF which uses one correlated intermarket input to determine underlying strength and weakness in the Swiss Franc.

USDCHF Intermarket Daily Forex Signals Net Profit Equity Curve

USDCHF Intermarket Daily Forex Signals Net Profit Equity Curve

When USD/CHF is oversold against our intermarket we BUY USD/CHF. When USD/CHF is overbought against our intermarket we SELL to go SHORT USD/CHF. We do not use Stop Losses on any of our intermarket trading… stop losses HURT intermarket trading performance. Instead we control risk through advanced position sizing technology which we make exclusively available to our Forex Signals clients.

Recent Signals transmitted live to our Forex Signals Clients are marked on the chart of USD/CHF below:

Recent Signals USDCHF: Daily Bars

Recent Signals USDCHF: Daily Bars

As you can see intermarket trading has proven to be incredibly effective through the global financial crisis and central bank driven markets of the past few years. When markets are trending our profits are derived from our trend following, intermarket and volatility breakout systems. When prices are choppy we extract our profits from our daily and intra-day intermarket trading. The net result from trading multiple uncorrelated systems, markets and time frames is reduced draw-down and significantly improved risk adjusted returns on our equity.

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