Take Your Forex Trading To the Next Level Using Intermarket Forex Trading Strategies


If you’re looking to learn how to profit trading Forex, then you will want to read this article. After reading this article you will have a better understanding why most traders are losing money and why some traders are able to earn such an incredible living from their profession. 

First let’s take a look at the recent Choppy Price action in GBP.USD which has helped fuel outstanding gains in our Intermarket Forex Trading

Swing Trading with Intermarket divergence is one of the most effective ways to play the type of range bound choppy price action that we have seen lately in GBP.USD. 

The Forex Trading-Pips Intraday Intermarket Systems use one correlated intermarket input to help us determine when a market is over bought or over sold. When our traded market is oversold against our intermarket we buy the traded market. When our traded market is overbought against our intermarket we short the traded market…

When Forex markets chop around erratically inside a range, many Forex traders lose money as they attempt to ‘chase the breakout’. Intermarket divergence trading strategies successfully ‘take the other side of the trade’ and can generate significant gains as you can see on our recent signals chart update of GBP/USD below. 

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Forex Signals Trading Update GBPUSD Intermarket Swing Trading SignalsNote on the chart above how price action penetrates recent highs and lows… sucking in momentum breakout players, only for prices to whipsaw back inside the range taking out those same traders stops and generating repeated painful losses. 

Forex Signals Trading… What is Intermarket Analysis? John Murphy explains:

Intermarket analysis is a branch of technical analysis that examines the correlations between four major asset classes: stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. In his classic book on Intermarket Analysis, John Murphy notes that chartists can use these relationships to identify the stage of the business cycle and improve their forecasting abilities. There are clear relationships between stocks and bonds, bonds and commodities, and commodities and the Dollar. Knowing these relationships can help chartists determine the stage of the investing cycle, select the best sectors and avoid the worst performing sectors….. More at Intermarket Analysis Introduction

For further in depth explanation of Intermarket Analysis, Check out the Video Interview with John Murhpy Below…


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