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Choosing the Right Forex Indicator for Forex Trading Success

A Forex Indicator is a Technical Indicator which is typically placed immediately above, below or overlayed on a Forex price chart. Forex Indicators are designed to assist the active trader in identifying reliable trade entry and exits points.

Three primary indicator functions: 

  • Alert of a specific condition
  • Confirm a specific condition against another indicator
  • Predict the future price action of a market

Many Forex Indicators are made freely available by Forex Brokers as part of their service offering, typically in Meta Trader (MT4 or MT5) format.

EUR.USD Forex Indicator

Which Forex Indicator is the Most Reliable for Successful Forex Trading?

The Indicators below produce impressive performance when used in conjunction with Robust Trading Rules and Filters, we provide free code for these indicators below.

MultiCharts / TradeStation EasyLanguage Code

Squeeze Indicator

NR7 Indicator

Inside Bar Indicator

Heikin-Ashi Indicator

Moving Average Indicator

RSI Indicator

Please note all Indicators must be compiled before they will work.

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Please note any use of these indicators is at your own risk. does not provide support relating to installation or optimization of these Forex Indicators and takes no responsibly for any coding errors that may be present in any Forex indicator nor any trading losses which may result from the use of this code.