3 Steps to Achieve Your Trading Goals Faster


Hello Traders, today we would like to share with you 3 crucial steps to Achieving Your Trading Goals Faster than you ever thought possible.

Read the steps below and ask yourself how many of these you are currently utilizing in your own trading today….

1. Sound Risk Management

Without sound trade risk management nothing else counts. Let us explain…  even if you possess the most incredible trading edge in the world, lets say a 90% win rate: if you bet too big those 10% of losing trades have the power to completely wipe you out.  If you doubt this take at look at what happened to Long Term Capital Management. Always size your trades appropriately, erring on the side of caution.

2. Trade Multiple Systems

Many traders trade just one system or market and by so doing expose themselves to unnecessary levels of risk. Financial Markets are constantly changing and are often highly influenced by mass greed and fear. Different conditions call for different strategies… By employing multiple uncorrelated systems in our trading we are able to radically reduce our overall account volatility.

3. Trade Multiple Time Frames

Market price action is fractal: a market that may be be trending up on a daily time frame could be trending down on a 30 minute chart. By trading multi time frames we can profit from multiple trends in the same market thereby producing lower total volatility in our account equity. The more uncorrelated systems we add, subject to capital constraints, the smoother our account equity becomes.